Parma triumphs in Ascoli and consolidates top spot

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Parma triumphs in Ascoli and consolidates top spot

Victory d'authorità for leading Parma in Ascoli in the match valid for the 11th day of Serie B. The Crusaders won 3-1 at the Del Luca stadium over the hosts, consolidating their leadership in the cadet championship.

Parma opened the scoring on 7', with Dennis Man taking advantage of an assist from Ange-Yoan Bonny to put his team ahead. However, Ascoli è was not intimidated and responded promptly with a goal by Fabrizio Caligara, assisted by Pedro Mendes, on 13'. The first half è continued with a succession of yellow cards: Giuseppe Bellusci of Ascoli on 29' Nicola Falasco of Ascoli on 36' and Ange-Yoan Bonny of Parma on 39'.

Parma took back the reins of the game in the 34' minute, with another goal by Dennis Man. The second half è opened with the Ducals’ trio, this time by Adrián Bernabé in the 54' minute. Ascoli responded with a series of substitutions in an attempt to overturn the result, but things went from bad to worse when Emiliano Viviano received first a yellow card and then a red at 64' for protests.

Parma handled the match with experience, in the final 90' minute of the game, a possible penalty for Ascoli è was cancelled after VAR intervention.

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