Valentina Giacinti not enough: for Italy 1-1 mockery with Sweden

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A draw that has a strong taste of mockery.

Italy mocked in Malmoe, with a 1-1 draw against Sweden that leaves a big bitter taste in the mouth for the way it è materialized. In the first day back of the Nations League, in fact, the Azzurre came close to hitting the jackpot in an away match but had to settle for only a point because of the goal scored by the hosts when time was largely expired.

Soncin's Italy renounces bigwigs such as Girelli and Bonansea from the first minute, with Valentina Giacinti then taking on the role of veteran and team dragger. After the first chances signed Cambiaghi and Greggi è then she goes to score at 56' taking advantage of the splendid throw of Giugliano and then insacciare di sinistro.

The Azzurre did not seem to suffer Sweden’s comeback, and indeed even tried to double with Cambiaghi and Galli. Only the dying minutes proved fatal for Italy: first Caruso è miraculous in saving the goal on Eriksson’s conclusion, but then Sembrant’s header gave the Scandinavians the equalizer with which the match ended.

With this result Italy è third in Group 4 of the Nations League, behind Spain and Sweden itself.

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