Piatti applauds Jannik Sinner and stings: “There are incompetents…”

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Piatti applauds Jannik Sinner and stings: "There are incompetent…"

Jannik Sinner's former coach, Riccardo Piatti, on his social profiles applauded the Italian tennis player for his banner week at the Atp Finals in Turin.

"First of all I publicly congratulate Jannik (because privately I have already congratulated him) for this beautiful week, he played a great tournament and high level tennis. I would also like to say that this does not surprise me more than a little, because I have always believed in him and I always knew that Jannik was ready to do great things, because over the years he has always shown constant growth, an incredible attitude to work and consistency in results and improvement".

"I can only be happy for this final of hers, because as for every teacher, of every age group, è it is great to see one’s "students" excel and become great, both physically and athletically. Yesterday’s final è surely just the first of a long series that will win and I wish Jannik the best of luck for this present and future".

Piatti wanted to get a pebble off his shoe: "He's been goodfor not listening to the unnecessary criticism he received during his last Davis non-participation, about his non-attachment "to the jersey" and about whether or not he feels Italian. Sterile criticism that came from people who are not competent and who do not know how to perform at a high level. Jannik, a week like thisì at the Finals, the future Slams you will win and the world ranking are the best way to show your attachment to Italy and to make all Italians feel proud to have someone like you among the best athletes in the world. Riccardo". 

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