Marco Belinelli reveals backstory on NBA farewell

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Marco Belinelli reveals backstory on farewell to the NBA'NBA

During an interview at the microphones of the "Sole 24 ore", Marco Belinelli, among other topics covered, è returned to talk about his decision to leave the NBA after 11 years to return to Italy and espouse the cause of Virtus Bologna.

"I left for the United States when I was 19 years old, I was a boy and I came back to Italy as a man. I wanted to accept the challenge of going to the most difficult league in the world. I fulfilled the dream of every kid who plays basketball, that of going to play with the strongest in the world, but that also meant dealing with the'absence of friends, the distance from family. I no longer had all my points of reference, my city, I was confronted with a completely different world" began the blue guard.

"Thirteen years in the NBA is a lot. There had come a time when I had to choose between staying in America and living the good life or coming back and getting back into the game. I had been missing from Italy for years and it was a new challenge for me to come back to Bologna, return to Virtus and bring it back to the levels where it needs to be. Fortunately, I managed to hit the target" added Marco Belinelli.

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