Ederson sends a clear message, both to Atalanta and Juventus

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Market rumors are dealt with like any midfield opponent.

Ederson, a star player in Atalanta who has returned to breathe Champions League air, è entered Juventus’ sights during the January soccer market. Rumors that the Brazilian simultaneously snubbed and called a source of personal pride after the Nerazzurri’s 5-0 win over Frosinone. But above all, he sent a clear message to Bergamo and the whole environment.

"When the market opens this è normal. Some possible situation always pops up – Ederson told 'Sky Sport' about rumors of Juventus’ interest in him -, it had already happened to me when I was in Fortaleza in Brazil. Then after my arrival in Italy è it happened again at Salernitana and now at Atalanta. If things are going well è it is normal for rumors to circulate. And for me è it is better that way, because it increases the satisfaction that I already feel for how I am playing.

Ederson, however, made it clear that he is happy where he is, at least for the moment, and that he is in no hurry to leave Bergamo even in the face of a possible call from Juventus. "I feel good, I know that so many are watching me starting with my family and the fans. The most important thing for me è to continue doing well in the Atalanta jersey. Things are going very well here, today I also scored a goal and I want to continue like this, said Gian Piero Gasperini’s midfielder.

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