Mike Maignan, Giovanni Malagò takes a clear position

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The words of John Malagò

Coni president Giovanni Malagò also commented at the microphones of TG2 on the episode involving Mike Maignan during the match against Udinese on Saturday night at the "Bluenergy Stadium" in Udine, then won by the Rossoneri in the last breath thanks to the decisive goal of Okafor, who sealed the final 3-2.

"It would finally be indispensable if the Maignan case could be the last one. We know very well how indispensable it is that there be no differentiation at any level, and the effort that the IOC is making to keep this world&egrave united  is there for all to see. So we hope that those in charge, organs of sports and ordinary justice, will take their course in an authoritative and let me say strong way, to avoid that there may be individuals who feel 'authorized' with a mild penalty to give this bad example" this is the thought of Giovanni Malagò.

In addition, on the racist insults received by Mike Maignan, è Udinese general manager Franco Collavino also spoke at the microphones of "Radio Sportiva": "We are working hard to identify those responsible. Fortunately, we have a state-of-the-art stadium, so we have the tools to be able to do that. It is a matter of identifying one, two, three people at most in a curve of five thousand people, è like looking for a needle in a haystack but we will do it. We have only one goal, to kick these individuals out of our stadium forever, who do not deserve to be in a context like Udine. I believe it is enough to apply the existing rules, to act we must identify and punish the individuals responsible and on the other hand we must go to the schools to sow a culture of integration and respect. We do not expect effects on the sports level, on the substantive level society will do everything to identify and exclude these individuals" from the stadium forever.

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