Paolo Bertolucci sets his sights on Jannik Sinner and wands Carlos Alcaraz

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Paolo Bertolucci sets his sights on Jannik Sinner and wands Carlos Alcaraz

During an episode of the podcast "La Telefonata" on Spotify, former Italian tennis player Paolo Bertolucci, ahead of the Australian Open quarterfinals, commented on the chances of Jannik Sinner and Carlos Alcaraz to win. In addition, the "Sky Sport Tennis" commentator è unbalanced his opinion on who between the Spaniard and the South Tyrolean can become world number one in the near future.

"I saw a good Sinner against Khachanov. He is doing all the right things to become number one in the world, if he then should push himself no further than number two, it means that was the maximum attainable for him. He's become a very solid player, and to beat him you have to express a high level of tennis and it&#39s not necessarily enough. After all, if in the last three circumstances he has beaten Medvedev, won against Djokovic two out of three times in 12 days and is ahead of Alcaraz in direct clashes at the ATP level something means" began the former Italian tennis player.

"Sinner has shown in the season finale of 2023 that he has the same level as the very first ones, now he has to make the step in the Slams as well, but I think he has built up a physique and developed the right mentality" to hit this goal" added the "Sky Sports Tennis" commentator.

"The Spaniard has not yet achieved a stabilityà becauseé there are days when è he is really unplayable knowing how to do everything, others when he messes up. It happens to those who have so many solutions because theyé abuse certain shots and then also because theyé havené t understood that he has to be a little bit more concrete. He would like to always make the point with special effects, so that the audience can applaud him, instead he should think less about applause every now and then and try to get a few more fifteen," commented Paolo Bertolucci about Carlos Alcaraz.

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