Beppe Bergomi gets off the hook on the Scudetto fight

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Beppe Bergomi gets unbalanced on Scudetto fight

During the episode of Sky Sport Club, former defender Beppe Bergomi, among the various topics covered, unbalanced himself on the Scudetto fight between Inter and Juventus, which sees the Bianconeri ahead by two points over the Nerazzurri, who will have to make up the 21st day due to the Italian Super Cup commitment in Saudi Arabia.

"Juventus has an easier calendar on paper, Inter's is very complicated and there's also the Champions League. The Nerazzurri will have to be good at involving everyone, you can not play all these matches with only two forwards and  three midfielders" began the Sky Sport columnist.

"They are the oldest team in Serie A, losing important pieces every year and inserting question marks that turn out to be very good. Inter's skill has been to have taken players like Sommer, Mkhitaryan, Acerbi and Darmian with a minimal outlay of money. I still say that he doesn&#39t have the strongest squad, but he&#39s the best at putting players together and making them perform. It has a great mentality; and it is playing very well" concluded Beppe Bergomi.

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