Moratti pushes Jose Mourinho toward Napoli

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The words of Massimo Moratti

José Mourinho after his farewell to Roma è was immediately accosted to Napoli. A soccer market rumor promoted by Massimo Moratti. "He would drive all the fans crazy, he always brings enthusiasm and hope", the former Inter president told Radio Kiss Kiss. 

"He would love to coach Napoli becauseé è an important square and has an important project. Rapport with De Laurentiis? I don’t know him very well, I couldn’t say if he would get along well with Mourinho. His specialtyè è is to be a serious professional, he knows everything about his team, è a great football".

Comments on Inter ("He is playing very well but performance depends a lot on the opponent you face and Napoli is growing") and on Gigi Simoni, who would have turned 85 today: "A great gentleman and a very serious professional, I have always been lucky to have great people by my side".

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