Valentino Rossi charged for new challenges

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Valentino Rossi: "I will never get tired of racing"

After announcing his retirement from MotoGp in 2021, Valentino Rossi continued his career by switching to four wheels. Ahead of his debut in the WEC, the "Doctor", during an interview at the microphones of "Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung" spoke bluntly about the differences and difficulties he went through in the transition from two to four wheels. In addition, #46 also è dwelt on his upcoming goals and future. 

"I will never get tired of racing, in fact, I feel very tired when I’m not racing. I feel like I am wasting time, it bothers me. Honestly, when I am not running or riding or driving, I miss something. I really like to feel those feelings that only by driving can I get them. It's become more difficult to keep fit, nowadays I have to live a much quieter life and train with much more intensity to get results" began the former Yamaha centaur.

"When I was in MotoGp I tried to do one or two motor races a season to stay in training. Over the years I gained different experiences, but I was almost always dedicated to figuring out how to go fast on a motorcycle. Moto è completely different than cars, however lap times are similar and with cars braking è easier and you can take corners faster. Anyone who has driven in MotoGp is unlikely to find anything comparable, but driving a sports car è fantastic, the level è very high and è always a great fight" added the Tavullia native.

"The problem è that I am a very old beginner. The best riders know how to handle these machines well. You have to be fast, but you also have to be smart, because if you drive too aggressively you might be able to do a few laps with a good pace, after that you would have brake and tire problems. I always try to learn from the younger drivers. I analyze the data and footage aboard others, becauseé if someone can be faster with the same car as me it means that I can do it too" continued the nine-time world champion. 

In conclusion, Valentino Rossi è expressed himself about the current MotoGp: "In recent years Ducati has raised the level considerably. Now MotoGp è like F1. We see prototypes with a lot of aerodynamics, more and more horsepower, an army of engineers in the background and a lot of money. Motorcycles have become very fast. Motorcycle racing has always been dangerous, but the FIM needs to think carefully about where it wants to go, becauseé one should not go too far".

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