Monza fans’ grand gesture after the dramatic incident

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The grand gesture of the Monza fans

There were minutes of great concern in Monza during the second half of the match played by the Brianzoli with Sassuolo: a Neroverde fan è fell from the stands. Immediately, from the curve occupied by the Emilians, it è drew the attention of rescuers, who promptly intervened.

The dramatic scene did not go unnoticed on the field, so much so that the referee, Manganiello of Pinerolo, interrupted the match: in a surreal silence the fan è was loaded into an ambulance and transported to the nearest hospital. He reportedly fell, hitting his side on the ground, and suffered injuries to his hip, and grazes to his head.

When è play resumed, Monza supporters also stopped chanting chants. "It’ was a beautiful gesture,” said biancorosso coach Palladino, “Our fans showed great respect for the opposing fans".


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