Ferrari, what about Carlos Sainz? All the options on the Spaniard’s future

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The resounding arrival presupposes a departure yet to be determined.

Lewis Hamilton in Ferrari from 2025 represents a prospect that inevitably has a direct consequence: the farewell to Maranello of Carlos Sainz. The Spanish driver, who was in negotiations to renew his contract with the Cavallino, must now define his future. And inevitably the press, Spanish and otherwise, has begun to wonder about his fate.

After the announcement of Leclerc's renewal, in fact, at Ferrari è a certain silence fell on the future of Sainz. At the same time had come the news of the Emilian team's severance of relations with one of the sponsors always linked to the Spanish driver. Details that 'AS' put together the moment the rumors about Lewis Hamilton began to spread. Thus trying to speculate on the next steps of the winner of the 2023 Singapore Grand Prix.

There is no shortage of options for his future, ranging from a move to Aston Martin to a return to McLaren. More complex is the Williams hypothesis, while one of the most credited leads to Sauber. The Helvetic team è in fact close to transforming into Audi, a brand closely linked to the victories of Sainz’s rallyist father. The fact remains, however, that for 2024 the Spaniard remains linked to Ferrari, with all the unknowns that his contractual fate currently brings with it.

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