Adriano Panatta believes it: Jannik Sinner will be No. 1

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Champion at the Rolanda Garros in 1976, has high regard for the South Tyrolean

Panatta knows how to win. In 1976, he è took home Roland Garros. Now he enjoys Sinner, able to grab the third position in the ATP ranking, never reached by any other Italian, including Panatta: "Canò become No. 1? I think so; he è so much on the rise that he might even be able to. I don’t see who can bother him more than the round of 16 and quarters in the various tournaments", Panatta’s own words to Gazzetta dello Sport.

Panatta is not è at all envious of Sinner’s amazing achievements: "I am very happy for him, but the’had he done it a year earlier nothing would have changed, I don’t look at the numbers. I hope, indeed, that there are many other Italian tennis players who surpass me, maybe outstanding like Jannik, always helpful, intelligent. When he speaks he only says the right things, he will also have some little flaws?".

According to the 1976 edition Roland Garros winner, the difference è the serve. Now Sinner has a serve that guarantees him important points in the hot moments of the match. Last year he did not have this quality; and had, therefore, more problems. Having found the right way to serve, his performance on the court has è soared. Only Djokovic and Alcaraz, according to Panatta, are at Sinner’s level.

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