Lorenzo Musetti, coach Tartarini is lapidary about comparison with Jannik Sinner

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Coach Tartarini analyzes Lorenzo Musetti’s moment of difficulty

The first part of 2024 è has been characterized by more lows than highs for Lorenzo Musetti, who has always struggled to find continuity in performance and results, also aided by a few too many physical problems. After withdrawing from the Internazionali d'Italia due to a flu attack, the coach of the Carrarino player Simone Tartarini, during a long interview to the microphones of "SuperTennis" tried to shed light on the moment of difficulty that is going through his client.

"Lorenzo is going through a phase that is not easy because é a bit’ his life è changed. I am not saying that his defeats are justified by’becoming a dadà forò his path has taken a somewhat different direction. Especially before Ludovico’s birth, he couldn’t always be super focused in training“ Musetti’s coach began.

"The problem è that in judgments we take Sinner as a reference, but he will never be like Jannik who è an alien. Lorenzo è a player who expresses tennis of the highest level, but he will very hardly be able to have the same continuity as Sinner. He&#39ll be able to play great tournaments, but then there will also be some setbacks to take into account“ continued the coach of the Carrara player.

“We are working to give more concreteness to his game and in the last two/three months he has been working very hard. I guarantee that in practice he hits the ball very well, but then in the game problems arise. Which ones? Basically è a condition of high distrust and so what he does well in preparation, in the game not so much, ending up backing off and being too vulnerable. The’only way to solve these issues è playing moreù matches" added the class of 1994.

"It's fair to point out what hasn&#39t gone right, for'there's an exasperating amount of attention compared to what this guy has done. Sheldon also enjoys favorable attention in Italy, but he too has lost several times in the first round. I don&#39t understand this disparity in treatment between two boys who are the same age. From the outside è it’s easy to judge, but it’s not è. So to question the abilities of Musetti, who was world number 15 at 21, seems absurd to me. The problem is not è ours, becauseè we know his merits and faults, but those who judge him as if he were Sinner" has remarked the 22-year-old’s coach.

He needs to regain that unscrupulousness in’going for the point, as he did in the Hamburg win, or in the tournament in Naples. Right now he really lacks that feeling, and to regain it he has to play and convince himself of what he is doing“. And so the goals are as follows: To remain in the top-30 ranking being this a’year, as said, of many changes and è time is needed to absorb them" concluded Simone Tartarini.

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