Inter, Lautaro Martinez tries to calm everyone down

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The Inter Milan captain wants to finalize everything before the departure for the Copa America


Lautaro Martinez è happy. He won the tricolor as an absolute protagonist, he è took home the Serie A top scorer trophy and he è the captain of Inter, the team he loves and with which he wants to continue playing for a long time, trying to win other prestigious titles, especially that Champions League he touched two years ago.

"A joy for life, Inter for me è home and I have felt that way from my first day in Milan. I owe everything to the clubà and to the Inter people, raising this cup with the captain’s armband è was a dream", his clear words to Gazzetta dello Sport. The next step? The Champions League. "I do not choose between goals but the next step è the Champions: è it was a dream very close to Istanbul last season while this year I would like to replay just the first leg against Atletico".

However, the real catchphrase remains his contract renewal. So many Nerazzurri fans, in light of the problems the current ownership is having, are concerned: "We are close, just a couple of little things are missing. I said 'an agreement in the week' (after the match with Lazio, ed.), because &#39then the championship ends and I wanted to define everything before the Copa America but I realize that the corporate situation can slow everything down: we talk with Marotta and Ausilio but it also depends on the ownership. I do not know what will happenà between now and next week but there are no problems between us".

In short, everything suggests that Lautaro Martinez will stayà nerazzurro but, of course, first there'è to understand what will happenà at the corporate level. One fact è for sure, Toro does not forget how much Zhang has done and covers him with affectionate words: "A great president, he è always been close".

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