Pecco Bagnaia wants to erase bad memories

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The words of Pecco Bagnaia

Pecco Bagnaia does not have a good relationship with Barcelona, where it will be racedà on the weekend: "Soì as in France, also at Montmeló we were unlucky in 2022 and 2023, but this year I hope it goes differently".

"The"last weekend in Le Mans è was positive overall although in the race weè lacked something compared to our opponents. So it will be important to continue working to be able to be even more competitive. Compared to Le Mans, I expect very different grip conditions here in Barcelona and there will be some very fast opponents. In any case, I am confident and ready to give my best as always“.

He was echoed by Enea Bastianini: "Unfortunately, I do not have good memories of Barcelona last year, given the’accident I had in the race that then forced me to skip three other GPs. Despite ciò, I arrive at Montmeló serene and confident: race after race I can be moreù fast and I’m improving steadily".

"We have a good base from which to set the work of the weekend and the’goal è to continue to fight for the top positions", concluded the ducatista.

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