Charles Leclerc moved in Monaco: “I was thinking of my father.”

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A highly anticipated and exciting victory, with a fixed thought in mind.

Charles Leclerc in Monte Carlo breaks his curse, winning in a Ferrari his first Grand Prix almost two years after the last time (it was in Austria, in July 2022) and doing it moreover at home: in Monaco. A long-awaited triumph celebrated amid joy and tears when he had yet to get out of his SF-24. But è with the engines off that the Cavallino’s bearer explains what he was thinking about before winning in his homeland.

"I have no words to explain how I feel,” Leclerc explained at the end of the race, “The Monaco Grand Prix è really difficult, and the fact that I had already won two poles here without winning makes this success even more beautiful. It means so much to me, since è it was this GP that made me dream of one day becoming a Formula 1 driver. And from an emotional point of view è it was a very complicated day".

Despite the long marking of Oscar Piastri, in fact, Leclerc admits that he experienced with great difficulty; especially the final phase of the Monaco Grand Prix: "In the last 15 laps emotions took over. I hoped nothing would happen, becauseé I was thinking about my father much more than I was focused on driving. He gave everything to allow me to be here, and it was a dream of both of us that I would run and win a Formula 1 race in Monte Carlo".

Leclerc è then focused on the purely sporting aspects of his victory: "At the beginning our margin was important, but we had to do 78 laps on the same tires. Our management è was really important, also because we had to control Russell who had changed them. I have to say thank you to Ferrari, which has done an outstanding job in the last few months. If I had the chance è to finally win here, credit è them".

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