Naples, Manna tries to solve Kvaratskhelia case

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In the background a renewal never formalized

At home Naples there isn't a moment of peace. After the "case" Di Lorenzo, è broke out the Kvaratskhelia grana that, on balance, appears even more serious. Agent and father, with rather strong statements, have made it clear that the future of the young Georgian star will not be in Naples.

Words that have led the club to a harsh response in which it is specified how Kvaratskhelia has another three years on his contract and, therefore, he is not going anywhere without Napoli's okay, at the moment absolutely convinced to keep him, also becauseè the new coach Conte is betting a lot on him for the Azzurra rebirth.

According to Gazzetta dello Sport, Manna, new sporting director of the Azzurri club, willà soon to Germany to talk with the player's entourage to mend the rift. Easier said than done since, in the background, there's also a contract renewal never formalized.

Kvaratskhelia è landed in Naples in the summer of 2022 with a salary of 1.3 million euros per season. Salary that è remained unchanged in these two years, leading to major frictions between the parties. In the background, PSG. The French club è ready to come forward in an overbearing manner, putting on the plate a contract to the player equal to nine million euros per season until 2029. In short, it will not be at all easy for Manna to find a way to restore peace.

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