Juventus-Di Maria, torment over: the player has made up his mind

©Getty Images

After yet another ultimatum from Juve, the Argentine star finally gave his answer.

It had become the catchphrase of this beginning of the soccer market. If only because it had started even before the official end of last season. Juve had been courting Angel Di Maria for weeks, certain of the fact-and so it turned out-that the player would not renew with his club, PSG.

Having cleared this point, it remained to convince the Argentine economically, on whom also loomed the interest of Barcelona as well as that of Rosario Central, the team of his hometown and the club in which ‘El Fideo’ came to the attention of European observers, moving to Benfica back in 2007.

After a series of proposals sent back to the sender, Juve had launched a series of ulitmatums: the latest of which seems to have finally moved the footballer, who would have accepted the bianconeri’s proposal of a 7 million salary for a single season. After the definitive black smoke had seemed certain in recent days, the twist has brought the Argentine back to the sides of Turin. Already in the coming days the long-awaited official announcement could arrive: Di Maria will be a Juventus player.

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