Wimbledon sees Roger Federer again: message from the Swiss champion

©Getty Images

Roaring applause for the Swiss champion

Roger Federer was also among the guests invited by the All England Club to celebrate the centenary of Centre Court, Wimbledon’s iconic center court. The Swiss champion was greeted by roaring applause from fans before and after his speech at the microphone.

“I’ve been very lucky to play so many matches on this court,” said Federer, interviewed for the occasion by John McEnroe. “It’s strange to be here today in a different role. To see so many champions here where I experienced my greatest victories, but also my greatest defeats, is a great thrill. I hope to be a worthy representative of the sport. I would like to return to this field soon.”

The Swiss went on to make no secret of the difficulties of this season: “I knew that a difficult year lay ahead,” he admitted. “The knee made me suffer, but despite the inability to play I was fine with my family and my children. On the trip to London I felt strange, I did not know what I would feel: I would say I am happy. Fondest memories at Wimbledon? The match against Sampras in 2001 and the 2003 win against Philippoussis.”

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