Basketball League, official reappointment of Umberto Gandini

©Getty Images

Umberto Gandini’s reappointment arrived.

The Basketball League Assembly that met today in videoconference mode voted to re-elect Umberto Gandini to the presidency of the LBA for a new three-year term, the terms of which will be defined in the coming days with the appropriate delegated committee of clubs.

The Assembly then ratified the continued membership in the LBA of the 14 eligible teams and the admission of the two newly promoted clubs Scaligera Basket Verona and Basket Scafati 1969 ahead of the new 2022-23 season.

At the same time, the LBA informed the clubs on the status of the process of granting the National Professional License, which provides for, by July 12, 2022, the transmission to the FIP Secretariat of the LBA’s opinion on the documentation within its competence that has already been subject to verification and control, as well as the confirmation of the member clubs in the LBA for the 2022/2023 season, as ratified above by the Assembly.

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