Alex Marquez outspoken about Ducati and brother Marc Marquez

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Future Ducati centaur Alex Marquez allows himself an outburst by recalling his experience in the official Honda team with his brother Marc

Honda centaur Alex Marquez in an interview with Cadena Ser commented unabashedly on the current difficult season: “The season has been bad, I would give myself a 5 or 4.8. Honda bet heavily on the new bike, but in Qatar I started to have problems. Then the more serious problems started. When they brought new parts and ideas, it didn’t work. That’s why we didn’t evolve, Honda was ‘asleep’.”

Speaking of his brother Marc Marquez, Alex recalled with not too much pleasure his experience in the official Honda team: “If everything had gone well and everything was perfect it would have been another story… but the conclusion is that it was worse than better. How is he doing? The scar is a beast, he has another one behind it. He is optimistic, positive, and that is the most important thing. You can tell he wants to come back, but he is cautious.”

On Ducati: “When I test it in November I can get an idea of the strengths and weaknesses. It has been the most complete and advanced bike for three years. They have worked a lot and it is an opportunity.”

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