Marc Marquez returns to worry his fans

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The condition of Marc Marquez

It is not yet known if and when Marc Marquez will return to the track.

The Spanish centaur, despite having his brace off six weeks after shoulder surgery, admitted that the road is still long and uphill.

He did so during an Instagram live broadcast organized for fans by sponsor Repsol: “I have a hard time moving my arm, even just to eat for example. The doctors have sent me a weekly program to follow. The main thing is to regain mobility, and little by little introduce a routine like swimming or gym. This will be the time to suffer to return, one step at a time, to life as an athlete. I have been training very little and now we have to start working on muscles. These days I could already start moving my arm in the water, but gently. If I made a wrong movement, I would quickly go back two steps.”

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