Bremer, a new move by Marotta arrives

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New attempt

This could be the day for Gleison Bremer’s move from Torino to Inter Milan, with the Nerazzurri club considering putting 30 million euros plus 5 million in bonuses in the pot but also Casadei’s player card, valued at 8 million by the meneghini, who would still like to keep the recompense option.

This is reported by Gazzetta dello Sport, according to which Marotta, aware of the fact that the Brazilian would gladly say yes to the Beneamata, will also leverage this detail to convince Urbano Cairo to sell the player.

Juventus, meanwhile, remains at the window.

The first days of Serie A will see the incoming and outgoing calciomercato still protagonist although the matches have already begun: in August, in fact, as many as four rounds will be played, since the calendar has been largely conditioned by the World Cup that will be staged in Qatar. And which, as we all know, will unfortunately not see the Italian national team at the start, having failed to qualify for the review for the second time in a row.

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