Eugenio Dalmasson looks back: “Very peculiar situations.”

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Eugenio Dalmasson looks back.

During an interview given to Umana Reyer’s official channels, Eugenio Dalmasson made a very candid analysis of the past season: “It was definitely a particularly difficult year, both on the men’s and women’s side, with very particular situations. In the end you have to be good at understanding and learning from the experiences you live through, to start again with greater enthusiasm and avoid repeating the same mistakes.”

Much is expected from the future: “There have been several changes in the men’s roster, but they have been made while keeping the goals unchanged, demonstrating once again how much the ownership is linked and close to Reyer. So it will be a year of high expectations, because I am convinced that the club has laid all the foundations to make Reyer championships. And I believe that even the fans themselves cannot fail to see the commitment of everyone to be able to give their best for these works, with important work in all senses, from all components, from ownership down, to make a Reyer championship.”

“The season never ends because there is always so much to do in carrying on the work of restyling so many things that we started months ago. With the society we wanted to get our hands on the first teams as well as the youth sector, with new ideas that would bring new enthusiasm, working in a certain way, always based on quality. It is on this basis that I decided to get to work with great passion, professionalism, dedication and availability.”

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