Jorge Lorenzo, new lunge at Valentino Rossi on 2015

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New lunge by Jorge Lorenzo

New lunge by Jorge Lorenzo against Valentino Rossi. The topic, as has often been the case, was 2015, a year in which the Doctor seemed on the verge of winning the World Championship for the tenth time in his career.

“That year I could have won the title very easily because I was the fastest, but something always happened to me on Sunday,” the Mallorcan told Il Giornale. So it was a suffered season. So many factors, but we must not forget the Argentine GP as far as the Rossi-Marquez issue is concerned. Valentino had dropped Marquez without apologizing to him in the post-race. Marquez did not digest it. I think an apology would have changed the course of things.”

“It was hard to share the pit box with Rossi. Without such a strong character, I probably would have been defeated mentally as well, because Valentino had all the attention. He was loved by everyone and that made me feel smaller. But I was determined. Once I put the visor down, my only goal was to hit the gas and win.”

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