Paulo Dybala: “Flunked by Juve, not by Marotta.”

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Dybala does not forget

Paulo Dybala, on the day of his presentation as Roma’s new player, also spoke about his experience at Juventus and how it came to an end.

“Arrivabene was very clear in his statements,” the Argentine highlighted. “We had an agreement to sign in October, the club asked us to wait. In March we were announced by the club that I was not part of the future project. It was not an economic problem: the club made another decision together with the coach-I talked to them and that’s how it was.”
“Since the contract with Juventus expired, we have talked to numerous clubs. I have a very good relationship with Marotta but now I’m getting to know a lot of new people, I have to learn the names of those who work around us. They are many. Roma is a very organized club in all aspects, I am very happy with how they are treating me.”

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