F1, Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton make fun of Ferrari

©Getty Images

On social media, it’s all anyone talks about.

In addition to the damage, the mockery. As if the umpteenth possible victory thrown to the nettles by the Maranello stable due to questionable choices imposed by the race wall were not enough, there is also the mockery of rivals. Who incidentally – we are talking about Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton – can hardly stand each other. But who this time manage to laugh together at the mistakes of the Ferrari box.

It has now gone viral, on Twitter, the video in which the two drivers, together with George Russell, third on the podium, comment on the race highlights sent on video by the international director. Sir Lewis at one point asked the other two, “But was the Ferrari on hard tires?” Hamilton’s teammate and the reigning world champion laughed together, responding with a yes that smacks of a sneer at the Rossa.

Comments abounded on social media from the many Ferrari fans, furious about yet another seasonal bungle and bitter about the post-race mockery. Obviously, public enemy number one has become Mattia Binotto, the team principal of the Rossa, who is guilty of being the primary cause of Charles Leclerc’s now huge delay in the standings against Max Verstappen,.

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