Mario Balotelli to Napoli: brother’s assist

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Enock on brother Mario Balotelli’s future: ‘Make an appeal to De Laurentiis’

Mario Balotelli after his Adana Demirspor’s friendly match against Napoli had applied for a possible future at the Azzurri club: “If it were up to me I would play for Napoli for ten years. After the friendly I told Spalletti ‘if you need a striker I’m there’. He laughed.”

At the microphones of RTL 102.5, his brother Enock had his say: “Make an appeal to De Laurentiis, the fans would like him. They should do it… I would see him very well at Napoli. With Osimhen up front there I would see him very well. His arrival in Naples would make history, I don’t know if he really told the coach those sentences that came out in the newspapers.”

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