Sinisa Mihajlovic returns and Bologna wins, Nicola Sansone’s dedication

©Getty Images

An expected victory with an important dedication.

Bologna passed the round in the Coppa Italia, thanks to a 1-0 home win against Cosenza. The challenge at the Dall’Ara coincided with the return of Sinisa Mihajlovic to the bench, and it was to him that the thoughts of Nicola Sansone, author of the decisive goal, went.

“We played at home, in front of our fans and with the coach on the bench. That’s why we wanted to win and pass the round,” the striker explained at the end of the game, at Mediaset microphones.

“We are all happy, the important thing is to have won this game. Friendlies count up to a certain point, you have to train and win only when it really counts,” added Samson. Who then indulged in a reflection ahead of the soccer market: “I have worked a lot, and now I have to reap the benefits. I hope to continue like this.”

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