F1, rumors from the Netherlands: at Red Bull there are those who fear losing their jobs

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One of the key men in the successes of these years fears for his own future.

Max Verstappen is the reigning Formula 1 world champion, and with his Red Bull he boasts a reassuring gap in the standings over Charles Leclerc’s Ferrari again this season. Yet in the Netherlands they say one of the key men behind the team’s successes has fears about the continuation of his career.

The key is the possibility of Porsche’s entry into the Circus, which according to much of the industry insiders could become Red Bull’s own motorist starting in 2026. Well, according to what has been gathered by broadcaster ‘Ziggo Sport,’ Chris Horner’s fear is that such news could jeopardize his tenure as team principal of the stable.

“Horner is afraid that Porsche, should he join Red Bull and take over, could fire him,” revealed Olav Mol, the voice of Formula 1 in the Netherlands thanks to his role as a commentator on ‘Ziggo Sport’ itself. Red Bull’s own team principal, for that matter, had spoken clearly about the possible negotiation: ‘Porsche will have to accept our conditions,’ he had said.

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