Sebastian Vettel admits, “Racing makes me miss it.”

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The return of the multi-champion è increasingly viable.

Sebastian Vettel left Formula 1 at the end of the 2022 season, and thus just experienced the first full championship he has not taken part in since 2007. His presence on the grid forò was not missed, with the former Red Bull and Ferrari driver often visiting former colleagues. And he admitted that some nostalgia is now there.

"Of course, a return to the track for me could always happen, because I miss racing,” Vettel meanwhile explained to the compatriots of '' -I notice it in particular when I am near a circuit. In those moments you feel like eating your hands".

In addition to Formula 1, for Vettel’s future there has also been talk of a possible move to the WEC for the Porsche JOTA team. But on this eventuality; the four-time world champion took time: "Conversations have taken place. They have asked me several questions, and there's no reason to deny it. At the moment forò there'è nothing concrete standing".

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