Juventus, Arrivabene dry on Pogba deal

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Arrivabene dry on Pogba’s decision

Juventus CEO Maurizio Arrivabene spoke to the microphones of Sky Sport, speaking his mind on Paul Pogba’s decision to undergo surgery, following the injury sustained in late July.

“Pogba? I don’t look back or create controversy, decisions are made together. Today we are not in an ideal situation, but we look ahead and hope for a quick return. World Cup? I wish him well, but I have to think about Juventus,” the Bianconeri executive said.

Arrivabene then continued, admitting how the decision, by the former Manchester United midfielder, was by no means easy: “Bitterness over lost time? One thinks twice before getting irons on one’s back, one talks, one exchanges opinions. One has to turn the page now and look forward, everyone knew each other’s opinions.”

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