F1: Sergio Perez penalized, but Charles Leclerc and Ferrari remain behind

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No change in the standings of the Singapore GP

In the end penalty it was, but at the level of the standings regret remains (if not increases) in Ferrari’s house: the FIA race commissioners, at the conclusion of their investigation into Sergio Perez’s behavior in the Singapore Gp at the entry of the Safety car decided to punish him with a 5-second penalty and a reprimand.

Thus, the gap between Perez and Charles Leclerc goes from 7 1/2 seconds to 2 1/2 seconds: materially nothing changes, therefore, at the level of the final standings and the podium, completed by the other Ferrarista Carlos Sainz, is confirmed.

The FIA, in an official note, said it had acknowledged Perez’s out-of-order behavior (he had strayed too far from the Safety car), partly recognizing the mitigating factor related to the track conditions: “Although the track was partly wet, we do not consider that the conditions were such as to make it impossible or dangerous for Perez to maintain the required distance of less than ten cars. In any case, we took into account the same wet conditions and the difficulties highlighted by the driver as mitigating circumstances.”

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