A surprise name pops up to replace Simone Inzaghi

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Massimo Brambati, surprise name for Simone Inzaghi’s replacement

Simone Inzaghi’s position is definitely in the balance: his performance at Inter is below expectations and the coach’s latest statements have not been welcomed by the Nerazzurri ownership. The upcoming challenges could be decisive for the former Lazio helmsman.

Massimo Brambati, pundit and former defender, advised TMW Radio, “Inter could rely on someone like Zenga, who has Inter blood. It would be something that could involve the group on an emotional level. The club has renewed a coach that others are not vying for. There was no line to go get him.”

“It’s logical that a coach, when he doesn’t get results, is attackable. Also because of media releases he has made lately. I was amazed in the pre-Roma when he said that he brings revenue and trophies. So you also invade a field that is not yours, because it is up to the management to take the revenue part. Ancelotti never seemed to me to go and talk about his trophies in a press conference,” Brambati concluded.

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