Iga Swiatek, painful renunciation: the Wta number one vents

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The outburst of the Polish champion

She would have liked to take part in both the Wta Finals and the final round of the Billie Jean King Cup, but due to the intertwining at the calendar level she will not be able to do so: so Iga Swiatek felt “forced,” as she confirmed on social media, to choose between the two tournaments, giving priority to the finals of the women’s world professional circuit, scheduled in Texas from October 31 to November 7 (while the Billie Jean King Cup will see tennis players engaged from November 8 to 13 in Scotland.

The Polish champion pointed her finger at Wta and Itf (the latter organizer of ‘Women’s Davis’), which she said were unable to find a way to distance the two tournaments at least by a few days. “It’s disappointing that they couldn’t come to an agreement on something so simple, giving us only one day to make an intercontinental trip, change so many hours of time zones, and play again. Our health depends on it, it could cause injuries-I will talk to Wta and Itf myself to try to change it.”

“The choice I made is not only difficult for me, and it also affects the fans of the sport,” Swiatek concluded, bitterly.

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