Novak Djokovic makes an appeal to Roger Federer and Rafa Nadal

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Novak Djokovic hopes for a Federer-like farewell: “I would like my great rivals to come and say goodbye to me”

Novak Djokovic in an interview with the Daily Telegraph talked about what will happen when he retires from tennis: “On the day of my retirement my mom will cry, but it will still be some time before that happens. I’m not close to retirement and I’m not thinking about it.”

“Roger had a beautiful farewell during the Laver Cup. We were all there, even his family, to say goodbye to a person who changed the sport. It was a wonderful event and I’m sure it was special for him. What I want when I retire? For my great rivals to come and say goodbye to me.”

The Serbian tennis player relished the victory in Israel: “I played good tennis this week. I needed to get into a competitive rhythm and play as many matches as possible. I also wanted to play doubles but I couldn’t.”

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