Trieste, Marco Legovich fear Virtus Bologna’s desire for redemption

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The coach of the red-and-whites fears Virtus Bologna’s desire for redemption

Pallacanestro Trieste coach Marco Legovich spoke in a press conference on the eve of the challenge, valid for the second day of the championship, against Sergio Scariolo’s Virtus Bologna, fresh from the Euroleague loss against Monaco.

“Virtus Bologna is one of the battleships and favorites this season. But as I told the team, more than thinking about the opponent, right now we have to think about ourselves and to put on the court what we can and what we absolutely have to give in a big league game. We will find a fierce Virtus. Team, roster, pedigree, everyone’s resume speak for themselves. Yesterday was not a happy debut in the Euroleague for them, but precisely, they will also have a desire for redemption and to start strong right away in their first home game, in front of their public,” said the coach of the red-and-whites, who lost sharply to Pesaro on the first day.

“So great attention will be needed on the individual characteristics of the Bologna battleship, and on our part the key will be to continue to play at our own pace. Surely there will be some difficult moments, as happened with Pesaro. But what we want to see as a staff is the ability to overcome these moments by being able to put after a bad offense, a good defense. This is something that we have certainly addressed during the week and will accompany us, in my opinion, throughout this first part of the season in the search for continuity from which this team absolutely cannot do without,” Legovich continued.

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