F1, Max Verstappen dissatisfied with a detail after Suzuka

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“We need better rain tires,” Verstappen said.

Max Verstappen, who was crowned world champion with four Gp ahead of schedule, confessed the precariousness of wet weather tires and proposed a collaboration with Pirelli, calling for more days of wet track testing.

The two-time Formula 1 world championship winner said, “I don’t want to put everyone off, but I think we need better rain tires. If you see what we could do in the 1990s or early 2000s with the amount of tires that were on the track…. I would agree with a few days of testing to try all kinds of tires, but we need better rain tires because the blue tire is too slow and can’t dissipate much water.”

In fact, according to the Dutch champion, drivers prefer to switch to intermediate tires as soon as possible: “This tire is much faster per lap, you can see that here from lap to lap. We switched from rain tires to intermediate tires and immediately gained five seconds, which is too big a difference. This is also why no one wants to drive on rain tires.”

The Red Bull driver is open to a collaboration with Pirelli: “I am happy to collaborate. Maybe we can organize more test days on a wet track and work together, trying to find better tires so that we at least have a chance to really drive in the rain, and not like always two laps with the rain tire and then switch to the intermediates and call it a rain race, because normally you drive even in heavy rain.”

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