Federica Brignone to Sportal.co.uk: “Quiet and serene.”

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Federica Brignone sharpens her weapons

Federica Brignone sharpens her weapons for the upcoming season, and she does so with the utmost peace of mind, the result of the experience she has gained over the years, the many trophies she has put in her trophy cabinet, and her talent that is beyond question. “I’m calm, I’m fine. I skied a lot in Argentina,” the Valdostan starlet tells Sportal.it exclusively.

“I realize that everyone expects a lot from me, on the other hand I have a backpack with a lot of cups and medals won in my career and that reassures me a lot.”

“I don’t think about the Milan-Cortina Olympics, I have always thought year by year, even race by race. Physically and mentally I am young but I cannot say today what I will be doing in four years.”

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