Olimpia Milano, Billy Baron reveals coach Ettore Messina’s demands

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“We’re getting slow starts and being forced to come back up using character,” Baron said.

Billy Baron, U.S. basketball player in his first season with Olimpia Milano, spoke to ‘Repubblica-Milano’ and touched on various aspects of his new experience in Milan.

At first she said, “At Armani, we are a group of experienced players who still like to arrive before practice and stop after it’s over. Catching up with Kevin Pangos was one of the key pushes to choose Milan. It’s easy to play with an unselfish point guard like him.”

“Physicality and energy to the max is what Messina has been asking us from day one. It is happening to us to start slow and be forced to come back using character. When we do that, our defense is the key to everything. Then, in the decisive moments, we have to score the baskets we need,” he added.

Finally, he concluded, “You spend every day trying to become a great shooter, then when you are deemed as such, defenses try to eliminate you, to move you further and further away from the basket. You have to be creative, the execution has to become lightning fast.”

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