F1, Ferrari: Carlos Sainz reveals a backstory on F1-75

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Carlos Sainz speaking.

Carlos Sainz made some statements to “Motorsport.com” about the difficulties he encountered with his F1-75 single-seater so he had to “completely change” his driving style.

The season got off to a rather bad start for Sainz with engine problems or his own mistakes. “It was frustrating, especially after such a strong season with the team, in which I had few problems with the car,” the Ferrari driver explained. “After the first races in 2021, I knew where the limit of the car was, I just had to find a few tenths in a certain type of corner and then I could compete. That’s why I was so strong in the second part of the season.”

“This year we finally had a competitive car, a car with which we could aim for wins. Suddenly I found myself in a position I had never been in before: I was more than two tenths behind my teammate and without understanding why,” Sainz continued.

So Charles Leclerc’s teammate had to run for cover, changing his driving style: “I had to completely change my driving style, switching to a way of driving that was very unnatural for me and … make it natural, a transition that takes a long time… Then came the Canadian Grand Prix, and from that moment I found my way.”

“Sometimes it happens in a driver’s career that you get into a car, like I did in 2021, and without doing anything special, just driving the way you like to drive, you do well right away,” the Ferrarista continued. “Other times you get into another single-seater, you think you’ve done a good lap time, and then you see that there’s someone who did better.

“But the most frustrating aspect is finding yourself in this situation having a competitive single-seater at your disposal,” Sainz concluded.

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