Milan, Gerry Cardinale makes fans dream.

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Gerry Cardinale has clear ideas

Gerry Cardinale, Milan’s new owner through RedBird, as reported by ‘La Gazzetta dello Sport,’ made some statements during the conference organized by Sportico ‘Invest in Sports’ in New York, in which he explained the plans he has in mind.

Cardinale said, “You can’t just buy a club and stand still. The challenge is to shake it up a little bit. You can’t go in guns blazing, we have to figure out how to do it, but we can certainly make a nice contribution. At a macro level, the parameters between leagues are the same, but each league has its own nuances to keep in mind. In Italy, for example, there have been no new stadiums since 2011, it’s significant.”

He added, “Investing in Milan is a hybrid of the experiences I had with Liverpool and Toulouse. The clubs are now entertainement companies. What I learned with Yankees and Red Sox is that you cannot win all the time. That’s also the beauty of sports. Milan won a Scudetto and the expectations are to do it again, but in the Champions League now we see that there is a big difference with the Premier League.”

Finally, he concluded with a comment on the issue of multi-ownership in sports: “An ownership with different clubs in different sports is interesting, I believe that this way you can have strategic benefits. Through synergies you can grow. It is all very theoretical, but there is a logic in my opinion. How long will my commitment to Milan last? Elliott in Milan has done a great job and I have chosen continuity. I am not worried about the exit strategy. I don’t invest to think about when I will exit.”

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