Cantù, Meo Sacchetti between praise and awareness

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Meo Sacchetti comments on Cantù’s win over Treviglio

Meo Sacchetti spoke on the sidelines of his Pallacanestro Cantù’s success against Blu Basket Treviglio, a 68-58 victory that redeems last Sunday’s knockout against Cremona.

“It was a good battle where we were able to go to the basket more easily than they did, especially in the first half,” explained the former Italbasket technical commissioner. “We had important answers from the players, despite the emegrenza with the absences of Stefanelli and Severini.

“Good Berdini who gave us something important – added Sacchetti -. Even those who missed three-point shots had the mentality to keep trying to shoot when there were good opportunities.”

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