Napoli enchants again in Champions League: 3-0 to Rangers

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A new European triumph, and now sensational numbers.

Napoli is unstoppable in the Champions League and picks up a crushing new victory at the Maradona Stadium. Falling before Luciano Spalletti’s Azzurri this time were Rangers, who fell 3-0 after a game in which the gap could easily have been even greater. And now, with Liverpool still at -3, it will be enough not to lose to the Reds in the direct clash to win the round.

Spalletti can afford to leave Kvaratskhelia on the bench, but against the Glasgow lineup his Napoli still enchants. Indeed, the game is already on ice after a little more than a quarter of an hour thanks to the matador of the evening: Giovanni Simeone. In fact, Cholito put his side ahead as early as the 11th minute thanks to a right-footed spell that rewarded Di Lorenzo’s initiative on the right. The same Argentine signed the double in the 16th minute, this time with a header and on a cross that came from the opposite flank and the foot of Mario Rui.

Napoli continued to enchant and in the 22nd minute found a resounding crossbar on a broadside from the distance by Ndombele, but before halftime Raspadori also came close to a hat-trick with a header on the bottom by a whisker. In the second half Simeone was denied a hat trick by a McGregor reflex. It wasn’t until after the hour mark that Morelos sensationally wasted the ball that would put Rangers back in the game, then in the 80th minute Ostigard finally closed the score by framing into the net directly from a corner taken by Raspadori.

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