Kvaratskhelia for Luciano Spalletti is perfect

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Luciano Spalletti’s words

Luciano Spalletti enjoys the 4-0 success against Sassuolo: “You have to give a special applause to the team for this string of matches, as it was said before the opponents prepare them with double the attention and willingness with even more important attitudes against us. I say thank you to the team, they deserve a lot of praise. We conceded too much for what is our possibility, we managed to go ahead right away and then it may be physiological but I did not see the punctuality as usual. We always kept the game in hand however that is always the way you have to keep as the quality to put in, an episode can affect a result allowing others to come back at you.”

“Kvaratskhelia is perfect, he can do everything. Even today he chased the opponent, sometimes strikers do not give the importance of a won contrast that allows teammates to have less space to cover,” he concluded.

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