Fabio Liverani tough on exoneration rumors

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Fabio Liverani tough on exoneration rumors

With 15 points collected in the first 10 days of the championship, Cagliari occupies the tenth place in the standings. A position that certainly does not satisfy the island’s fans and environment: “My team must be responsible, but without being afraid. The boys work hard and it is right that they take responsibility, especially when the results like today are not there. However, fear should not be there,” said Fabio Liverani on the eve of the challenge against Sudtirol.

In recent weeks rumors have multiplied about the coach’s possible exoneration in case of a negative result against the biancorossa team: “I don’t think tomorrow is my last chance. I coach as if I had to be here for years: you can talk about last chances when there are certain perceptions, but I don’t have them at the moment. We know we have to collect more, but the relationship with team and society is not in crisis. The protest? I think it is legitimate. I have taken both applause and criticism in my career. People always respond passionately to this jersey, and that is why we want to give some more joy to our fans.”

“During the week we worked well and with intensity, I saw desire in the boys. Sudtirol since they changed coach has made a very good path, for us it will be an important test. We have to try to bring it home with intelligence and quality. In Ascoli I was satisfied with the performance in the ninety minutes, but obviously if we lost there was some problem. Against Reggina we played a good second half against a tough opponent, creating chances to win it. Now let’s think about tomorrow,” Liverani concluded.

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