Valentino Rossi responds to Marc Marquez: “Bad figure”

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The words of Valentino Rossi

Valentino Rossi’s presence in Valencia for the last Grand Prix of the year has reopened the historic rivalry with Marc Marquez.

The Spaniard in recent days has returned to talk, upon specific question, about what happened in the famous Sepang race in 2015: “We have not had contact since Valentino retired, and I don’t want them anymore. As a 22-year-old and the way it went, yes, I would do the same thing again and I wouldn’t act any differently. I think Valentino would handle it another way, in the end he was the one who lost his temper.”

The Doctor’s response was not long in coming and it came from the pages of Gazzetta dello Sport. “It is normal for him to go on about this, however, everyone knows what happened in 2015, everyone understood it. So, every time he says it’s not true, he just makes another bad impression.”

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