Boxing, Sylvester Stallone makes big offer to Tyson Fury

©Getty Images

Tyson Fury is highly regarded by Sly

In the near future, Sylvester Stallone and Tyson Fury may work together. As reported by TheSun, Sly asked the boxer to consider making a film together with him, “He’s a force of nature, he has charisma, why wouldn’t we want him?”, the words of the 76-year-old actor who, in cinema, is best known for playing the role of Rocky Balboa.

Sly also went further. Being the great boxing fan that he is, he called Tyson Fury the greatest heavyweight who ever lived. For the time being, the 34-year-old boxer seems intent on continuing his career in the ring but, surely, the idea of starring in the movies, together with a legend like Sly, will not have been discarded at all.

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