De Rossi challenges Cannavaro: “I’m living a dream in Ferrara.”

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The Spal coach spoke in a press conference on the eve of the challenge against Benevento

Spal coach Daniele De Rossi spoke in a press conference ahead of the challenge against Benevento of another 2006 world champion, Fabio Cannavaro. The Estense coach warns his side, “So far they have received fewer points than they deserve, as they have always expressed good soccer. On our part there is the utmost respect for them.”

De Rossi points to the Terni match as an example: “I think if we play more matches like this, it will be easier to score goals and win.”

On his settling in Ferrara: “For me, coaching here is a dream and the only thing that stresses me is having to be away from my family. Otherwise, it is impossible not to settle in Ferrara, a lovely and beautiful city with so many polite and kind people and in which you live with great ease. My staff and I are truly living a dream, and this job while it can be stressful because the day seems so short, it also allows us to do what we love and work to find solutions and arrangements with respect to what is our greatest passion.”

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